Thursday, 22 March 2018

The Legacy of John Toland

A greater part of the task assumed by a web-based project dedicated to celebrating the life, work and times of John Toland (1670-1722), must be to elucidate, to elaborate, to explain who the subject matter was, his historical role and importance, together with what has lived on once his natural life expired. This is not altogether an easy task, for the simple reason that, outside of his writings, not a lot is known about John Toland. Although he has drawn interest across a wide spectrum of disciplines and beliefs, has formed the focus of various studies, his life and work has not yet been subject to the kind of scrutiny that could be described as detailed or comprehensive.

The podcast below, carries an interview given by Dr Ian Leask to The Irish Times, which represents a certain summation that is also highly digestible. He goes into various details about Toland, his life, his ideas, his influence on others, his historical role and importance.

Dr Ian Leask is a lecturer in Theology and Philosophy at Dublin City University. He is editor of a recent edition of Toland's Letters to Serena, published by Four Courts Press, Dublin in 2013.

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