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This website is dedicated to the Irish-born rationalist philosopher and freethinker, John Toland (1670-1722). It serves as a free online resource about all matters pertaining to Toland, his life and work, the times in which he lived and the social movement that he represented. The aim is to popularise and make known important details and facts.

As a free online resource, the website is open to everyone and invites contributions from all quarters and from all walks of life. The aim is to serve and satisfy public interest and stimulate debate about the subject matter, without any intention to constrain, to restrict or to adopt an exclusivist agenda.

In the interests of disclosure, we mention in passing that the website is owned and operated by The Manuscript Publisher, an Irish-based publishing service provider who have published works by and relating to subject matter, including J.N. Duggan's short biography, John Toland: Ireland's Forgotten, Philosopher, Scholar ... and Heretic (first published in Ireland in 2010). This is not intended as an advertisement or endorsement however. Furthermore, we welcome correspondence from authors, publishers, educationalists, historical societies, groups and individuals who might see some aspect of their own interest or remit reflected in this initiative.

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Further Reading

  • An Account of the Courts of Prussia and Hanover: Sent to a Minister of State in Holland by John Toland (The Manuscript Publisher, 2013)
  • Letters to Serena by John Toland (Four Courts Press, 2013)
  • Nazerenus by John Toland (Voltaire Foundation, 1999)
  • Physic without Physicians byJohn Toland (The Manuscript Publisher, 2020)
  • Reasons for Naturalizing the Jews in Great Britain and Ireland by John Toland (The Manuscript Publisher, 2013)